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India is a fantastic destination for the students traveling for educational tour and excursions. India offers a range of possibilities and topics for students and some of them are historical tours of India, cultural tours of India, wildlife discoveries in India, eco tours in India, spiritual and pilgrimage tours of India, soft and extreme adventures travel in Himalayas, Art of living with Yoga and Meditation, Ancient Ayurveda treatments in India, tribal villages tours in India, rural India tours and many more.
While on an historical and cultural educational tour to India, one can visit to many amazing and breathtakingly beautiful monuments such as Taj Mahal, Forts and palaces of Rajasthan, Tombs and Mosques, splendid temples related to different religions of India and old churches. The students may learn a lot about the age old stories of the various rural visited and ruled in India in the past thousand of years, see the architecture of the houses, forts and palaces etc. Such experiences on India educations tour will amaze the students and will give them vast knowledge on the relevant topics.
On Educational tours to India that cover India's historical and cultural sights, you can travel to amazing monuments such as the Taj Mahal, see the magnificent forts and palaces, tombs and mosques and splendid temples and churches of India. Learn about the art and architecture of ancient cultures. See beautiful sculpture and carvings on the walls of heritage buildings. Marvel at the skill of painters and artists who created murals and images on the walls of caves and temples in India. The exquisite calligraphy and carvings on Mughal monuments are amazing works of art, that will fill you with wonder, on educational tours of India.
Visit the wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks of India on educational tours of the wildlife and ecology of India. Enjoy elephant safaris and nature treks, and see elephants, tigers, bears, leopards, deer, monkeys, and many species of animals, birds and plants in the forests of India. The biodiversity and natural wealth of India is truly astounding and waits to be explored. Enjoy getting closer to Nature on educational tours of India.
Visit the spiritual sites, sacred places and holy destinations of India on pilgrimage tours of India. Learn about the spiritual traditions, beliefs, customs, rituals and how religion is an integral part of the daily life of the people of India on educational tours to India, with Indian Holiday.
If you want to learn how far you can test your strength and endurance, then adventure tours to India offer you the opportunity to stretch yourself to the limit. You can learn rock climbing, hang gliding, skiing, river rafting, scuba diving or other adventure related activity on adventure educational tours to India. For a holiday that combines learning with enjoyment, travel to India on an unforgettable educational tour.
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